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We manufacture and deliver products for use in residential, non-residential, and infrastructure construction applications. These include building systems and engineered concrete solutions for use in the electrical, transportation, and communications industries; architectural concrete products to enhance the facade and surroundings of buildings; and construction accessories to assist in the construction process. 
Focused on performance and growth opportunities, new building technologies, regulations and requirements in the international building markets we will maintain improvements of the performances and added values to the market. Continuous investments will be targeted on:
  • New product solutions for sustainable building bringing more efficiency and profitability to contractors and building owners
  • New production technologies more sustainable and energy-efficient respecting the environment
  • Development of new software & calculation services for engineering support 
  • More R&D efforts to develop new product applications for structural concrete, thermal insulation and building acoustics and sustainable buildings


International leader in construction accessories
delivering innovative solutions to building sites.


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