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We recognize the importance of being active member of branch organizations. This allows us to keep in line with the most actual industry developments & technologies. It also will benefit all stakeholders in the international construction industries.

For this reasons we are member of VBBF.

The Verein zur Förderung und Entwicklung der Befestigungs-, Bewehrungs- und Fassadentechnik e.V. (VBBF), which is based in Dusseldorf, Germany, was founded by leading companies in this market segment. Together, they present their range of systems to partners in the marketplace and are dedicated to products of outstanding quality. 
The member companies distinguish themselves via their quality policy and the following common criteria: 
  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • A research and development department.
  • Production of the core product range in Europe and in their own manufacturing plants.
  • Participation in major industry events and active participation in associations.
  • A high degree of quality and customer support via internal and external technical staff in Germany and every country in which they manufacture and sell. 
The VBBF provides information about safe and proven techniques and products in the field of fixing, reinforcing and façade systems as well as innovations and improvements in those areas. Activities centre on consulting, training and supporting users – planners, architects and engineers – as well as representing the interests in various associations and organizations at national and European level. At the same time, active participation in European standardization committees is an important task. 
Through its activities, the VBBF raises the awareness partners in the marketplace have for products of outstanding quality. It points to the significance of in-house research and development for companies and users. VBBF members develop and market modern alternatives to conventional construction techniques, thus increasing construction safety and thereby making an effective contribution to construction.
Member companies of the VBBF do not relate quality only to materials and the fabrication of their products, but also to their services and product safety. All companies offer highest quality. In-house research and development departments work on better and more economically efficient technologies and optimize existing products. The quality policy of the companies becomes visible to the customer via:  
1] certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the associated internal and external controls 
2] detailed product documentation and planning tools as well as comprehensive support and advice by the technical service department. 


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