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PLAKA Group is a part of CRH plc., a challenging environment for employees. Operating at a decentralised structure, there is the opportunity to work in a medium sized company environment like the PLAKA Group combined with the career opportunities of a large international enterprise.
CRH's decentralised structure and entrepreneurial environment is particularly suited for attracting, motivating and retaining talented, committed, enthusiastic and well-qualified people.
Our business leaders include internally developed operational managers, highly qualified professionals and owner-entrepreneurs who join the organisation as a result of acquisitions. The sustained expansion of CRH since its foundation in 1970 has created a wide range of career opportunities for ambitious and talented people throughout the world.
CRH is committed to leadership and skills development at all levels of the organization, encouraging and supporting the continuous professional development of its employees to achieve their potential. Our development philosophy involves leveraging challenging work assignments with targeted coaching and mentoring, augmented by formal training and education.
Our Global Talent Management system supports the process by helping us identify, develop and leverage the Group’s talent to ensure we meet our short, medium and long term leadership needs and achieve our strategic objectives.

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