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Download hereCRH has clear guidelines in place on business conduct and ethical behaviour for the people who represent us in carrying out their daily duties.
CRH’s corporate culture, while having a global dimension, is firmly based on the belief that local management, with a real understanding of their business and culture, can best serve the needs of all our stakeholders. This freedom to manage and make decisions creates commitment to the very important concept of dual citizenship of both CRH Group and the local company. However this business philosophy requires employees to operate to the highest levels of openness, honesty, integrity and responsible behaviour.
The Code of Business Conduct should be seen in the context that CRH, while aiming for top financial performance and growth, believes that this can only be achieved by excellence in the way we do business and by adhering to the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility.



Supplier Code of ConductDownload here
CRH places business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the forefront of all business interactions, including those with our suppliers, recognising they are key stakeholders in the success of our business.

We expect our suppliers, both direct and indirect, to share our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and meet our standards in respect to human rights, health & safety and environmental stewardship.

Download a copy of the Supplier Code of Conduct




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