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We recognize the importance of being a specialized partner for carefully selected customer groups. We provide a wide range of high-quality solutions and services for targeted market segment. Long term R&D efforts will bring new innovative and sustainable solutions for every segment and we strive also for technology and cost leadership in these market segments.

Target market segments : 

 Precast concrete Industries


We manufacture and deliver a wide range of construction accessories to the precast industries in European countries. The product range includes: lifting & fixing solutions, anchoring systems, bearings, rebar spacers, high tensile bar couplers and high reliable and performing magnets. Thermal-break balcony connectors are manufactured and supplied custom made meeting specific demands.
The consistent high quality of our solutions for the precast concrete industries  is guaranteed also when used for a high demanding production environment.
 Residential new building & renovation
For residential new building & renovation we manufacture and supply provide a comprehensive range of constructive accessories to residential building contractors of all sizes. We provide innovative solutions reaching the high demands for sustainable residential building. From constructing the frame with reinforcement systems to masonry support,  and joint sealing solutions we support sustainable residential building projects in all phases. Thermal breaking insulated balcony connectors are manufactured in the own factories.
Also for renovation and repair of existing residential buildings our solutions can play an important role with a portfolio of cost-effective and time saving construction accessories. 
 Non-residential building


For industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other non-residential building project a huge number of innovative building accessories is available. The product range include concrete connection systems, facades and masonry support, lost and permanent formwork solutions, waterproofing materials, construction bearings, dilatation- and sealing joints and acoustical solutions. Sustainable, long lasting and cost effective materials are delivered by us day-by-day on the most challenging non-residential building sites in many European countries.

 Civil engineering/infrastructure works


For civil engineering,  infrastructure and tunneling works specific knowledge and demands are required. We offer a wide range of durable product solutions available for these specific building segments. We provide construction accessories like shear load connectors, bar spacers, coupler bars, waterproofing materials and expanding water stops, heavy duty construction bearings, construction chemicals and formwork solutions. Our technical engineers consult to the right solution for specific project requirements. 

Water work constructions


Where concrete structures are submitted to water pressures in construction projects like water works, tunnels, cellars, reservoirs the joints between concrete sections must be watertight. The requirements related to this applicationd are very specific and stringent. A wide range of our structural waterproofing solutions can be applied such as expanding heavy duty waterstops in metal and rubber, waterproofing membranes, liquid waterproofing, injection systems, etc. we can advice about solutions for all types of watertight concrete structures.



For the building of warehouses we have a comprehensive range of building accessories. The constructive aspect of a industrial flooring of a warehouse needs specific solutions and expertise we can deliver. For efficient realization of durable expansion joints with controlled load transfer for example we provide unique patented solutions with strong technical features.


 Builder merchants


Also builder merchants and distributors are respected customers working in partnership with us in European and overseas countries without own sales offices. Especially our fast moving construction accessories are distributed by these supply channels reaching all size contractors and also the smaller ones who prefer to buy their construction materials around the corner.


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