Health & safety policy

The PLAKA Group is committed to a very high Health & Safety policy, administered by CRH:
  • Comply, at a minimum, with all applicable legislation and continually improve our health and safety stewardship towards industry best practice
  • Ensure that our employees and contractors respect the Group’s health and safety imperatives
  • Ensure that our companies provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and contractors, and take due care of all customers and visitors at our locations
  • Require all our company employees and contractors to work in a safe manner as mandated by law and industry best practice.

“A better and safer world starts with yourself, this also counts for all employees of the Plaka Group”


Health and safety management

Health and safety management is a daily priority of line management in every CRH company and location. This line responsibility continues up to Divisional Managing Director, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Executive Officer and ultimately to CRH Board level. Safety Officers work closely with and assist line managers in developing safety management and improving safety performance. 
Our health and safety management systems are well established and are regularly reviewed taking into account industry best practice. Knowledge-sharing around the Group also plays an important part in this process.
Our Group intensified its efforts to eliminate fatalities from all operations, and introduced enhanced procedures to ensure that circumstances surrounding such events are promptly identified, and that lessons learned are communicated throughout the Group as a matter of urgency. The elimination of fatalities remains a key objective across the PLAKA Group.

Safety performance

Over the last decade, both Group Accident Frequency and Severity Rates have been reduced by 75%, a significant improvement over the period. Our goal is zero fatalities and zero accidents. Due to the nature and size of our businesses, these are extremely challenging goals. The PLAKA Group will continue to devote substantial management and employee time and all the appropriate resources to this area to progress Group performance towards these targets.

Active Health & safety policy at every PLAKA Group location

Examples of the SHE policy: regular safety meetings, a safety officer is appointed, a quality / occupational / environmental officer is appointed, a risk assessment system, annual audits, sanctions, regular workplace inspections, training courses, and instructions.
Examples of the 11 precepts are: 
risk assessment at each location, regular machinery checks, policy for entering confined spaces, working at heights, lifting activities - working with explosives, the mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment and structural controls.
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