Social Responsibility

PLAKA aims to perform business so as to maintain a balance between economic benefits and the ecosystem. As a socially responsible company we perform our business with maximum positive impact on society, welfare, and environment.

Dealing with our customers

The success of our business strategies relies greatly on the support of our customers. Therefore, it is essential that we develop and maintain a mutual partnership with our customers, based on fairness, honestly and trust. The PLAKA Group is committed to, and has a responsibility to, supply our goods and services in accordance with all applicable laws relating to Health & Safety and product data requirements.

 “We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics with everyone we deal with, everywhere.”

Dealing with our suppliers

Our suppliers are key stakeholders in the performance of our business. We expect our suppliers to be quality driven, innovative and efficient thereby giving us, and through us our customers, value for money. We also expect our suppliers to operate in accordance with the local law and to adhere to good ethical practice. In return we strive to be a good partner behaving in a fair and honest manner.

At minimum we must respect our Ethical Procurement Code, written by CRH plc., which requires our principal suppliers to adhere to good ethical business practices and meet appropriate standards in respect of local law concerning human rights, health & safety, environmental stewardship, anti-bribery and corruption.  

Charitable & Community

As responsible corporate citizens, we encourage active participation by our companies and employees in charities and local community endeavors in the form of monetary and other assistance. All donations made by our companies, monetary wise or other, are in line with CRH guidelines concerning Charity and Donations.

Social Policy

We believe that continued sustainable business success depends on the relationships we maintain with our stakeholders.
  • We will act in a fair and  equitable manner, meeting all our social  responsibilities as both a direct and  indirect employer.
  • Support freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.
  • Prohibit forced, compulsory and child labour.
  • Ensure that we deal responsibly with our suppliers and customers in accordance with the CRH Code of Business Conduct and proper business practice.

“Treating people with honesty & respect”


Health, Safety, and the Environment

Our primary responsibility is to protect the health, safety and lives of people who come to work at or visit our PLAKA locations. In this respect our operations have a very challenging objective of zero fatalities and zero accidents, stated by our parent company, CRH.

Read more about our Health and Safety policy

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability is a core value for the PLAKA Group. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental management in all of our activities. Sharing knowledge within the Group plays an important part in maintaining and improving sustainable activities.

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CRH Code of Business Conduct

All our policies are based on the CRH Code of Business Code, which can be viewed here:

CRH Code of Business Conduct


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