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"CRH’s strategic vision is clear and consistent – be a responsible international leader in building materials delivering superior and sustained shareholder returns"


The PLAKA Group is committed to sustainably and responsibly managing all aspects of its operations relating to employees, customers, neighbours, local communities, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our commitment to sustainability provides a guiding framework for all our management responsibilities and focuses particularly on achieving industry best practice standards in:
Our Group, started with Plakabeton in 1961, has operated successfully for over 50 years. This success has been based on a solid foundation and commitment to fundamental aspects of business – strong customer and supplier relationships, value added products, efficient processes and targeted markets, balanced across both sectoral and geographic areas.
CRH and the Plaka Group are aware of the influence that a construction subcontractor has on the sustainability within the construction industry
These fundamentals of business are managed within a strong framework and focus on health & safety, environment & climate change, people & community and corporate governance. In all of these areas, CRH sets policies, implements management systems, monitors performance and incorporates stakeholder feedback at each stage aiming for continuous improvement across its activities. The chart below illustrates this approach to sustainable business development.
We take our social responsibility very seriously. That is why the Plaka group is committed to a climate resilient business. This starts with making the right choices in production, sustainable use of energy resources, procurement and processing of (recycled) materials.
CRH and the Plaka Group stimulate focused product development and innovation towards sustainability requirements. We are convinced that international leadership, in the near future, can only be maintained by focusing heavily on materials that can withstand the sustainability test. A durable range of products that contributes to sustainable construction.



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